Aluminum camlock
Aluminum camlock
Aluminum camlock
  • Aluminum camlock
  • Aluminum camlock
  • Aluminum camlock

Aluminum camlock


Camlocks also called cam and groove coupling, a kind of hose coupling used to rapidly connect and disconnect fitting on piping or hose, they come in a variety of materials to be used with different liguids and a variety of sizes to accommodate hose or piping diameter.


Adavantage of Camlock Fittings

1. Good abrasion resistant, light weight, economical cost;

2. Save time compared with flanged or threaded fittings;

3. No tools needed and make the job easy;

4. Safety sealing for fluids, powders and pellets,Light weight and durable;

5. Could keep the transfers safe without any damage or any risks.

Aluminum Camlock Couplings Type D
Our camlock couplings are made to standard of A-A-59326(superseding MIL-C-27487) or DIN 2828.

1. Type D
2.. Certification: ISO9001
3..Body Material:Aluminum (or heat treated)
4.Connection:male o female
5.Work temperature:-20-232 degree
6.Surface treatment:sand blast ,grind
7.Technics:casting o Gravity Casting
8.Material: Aluminum ,Brass,SS316,PP,Nylon
9.Competitive Advantages of the product
A: Precision investment coupling
B:CNC precisely machined
C: Easy to connect and disconnect
D:Used in petrochemical & chemical industries, Fertilizers, steel plants, atomic energy, power plants ect.
10.Gasket Materal:
NBR:(Temp Range°C -30°C~+100°C)
EPDM:(Temp Range°C -50°C~+150°C)

VITON:(Temp Range°C -20°C~+200°C)

PTFE envelop gasker:(Temp Range°C -190°C~+260°C)
Silicone :(Temp Range°C -60°C~+200°C)
Other materials are available on request.
BSP( We usually producethe female thread parallel BSPP,male thread tapered BSPT)


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