What should SEO do? (strategy)

    Query with clear location: query words include clear location, such as "Beijing Hotel". Even if the user searches in Shanghai, he still wants to know about the hotel in Beijing.


Polysemous query: the same query word may have multiple meanings and intentions. For example, searching for "apple" means Apple Company by most people, fruit by common means, and name of person or city by a few means.

The meaning of the query term changes over time: searching for "President of the United States" refers to different people in different years. Usually assume that the user wants to know the latest meaning.

User intention: there are four kinds of intentions when users query.

1) Learn more. Sometimes it is clear and simple information, such as "Yao Ming's height", which requires complete and correct answers. Many times it is answered by the No. 0 result.

2) Do things like shopping, downloading, entertainment. Sometimes let the device do things by itself, such as setting alarm clock through voice.

3) URL query, users are looking for a specific website or URL.

4) In person interview, many daily life service related words have this intention, such as searching for "nearby Haidilao".

Some queries have the possibility of multiple intentions, such as searching for "Peking University". It may be that the user is nearby and wants to see Peking University, or it may be looking for the official website of Peking University, or it may be that he wants to know about Peking University.

There are many kinds of assessment tasks for assessors, but there are two main ones: page quality score and satisfaction score.

Page quality score

On the premise of understanding the purpose of the page, the assessor will give 5 levels of quality scores: the lowest, the lowest, the middle, the highest and the highest according to the extent to which the page achieves this purpose.

The page quality score is irrelevant to the query words of users, so it is not necessary to consider what words users search when scoring. Page quality rating is the characteristics of the page itself. The evaluation system gives a page, and the evaluator uses the slider to score, which is roughly like this:

Page quality score

You can also have a high + rating between two levels.

The main factors to consider when scoring page quality are:

Purpose of the page

Professionalism, authority and trust

Quality and quantity of main content

Website background information, main content creator information

Reputation of website and main content creators

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